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Marduk-Iron Down Ep (May 2011)

30-го мая пробился к свету новый EP"Iron Down" шведского Black-metal формирования Marduk.Надо сказать что в Северной Америке он стал доступен 27 мая,в день начала Maryland Deathfest.
Концепция миньона несколько отличается от последующего полноформатника.
Альбом вышел на CD в digipack версии,а на виниле издан лимитированным тиражом в количестве 500 копий.
Спешите купить.
Track list:
1.Warschau 2:Headhunter Halfmoon
2.Watch Am Rhein:Drumbeats Od Death
3.Prochorovka:Blood And Sunflowers.
marduk,black-metal,house of metal
Буду брать.

C. Reider - Owning Extinctions


Artist: C. Reider
Title: Owning Extinctions
Label: Vuzh Music
Keywords: Abstract noise catharsis, disaster ambient, quietnoise, drone
File: VBR 320k MP3 / Free download
This collection of recordings was my response to the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill, and the strong feelings of despair, anger and the shame that followed. Instead of physically assaulting people who pointlessly idle their SUVs for half an hour while waiting for someone to come out of the store, I made this album.
Underwater Plume by vuzhmusic
Includes sound contributions from PBK, John Ingram, John Kannenberg, Kristina Spurgin and Joe Barton

Falling into Disrepair

ARTIST: C. Reider / Desohll
TITLE: Falling Into Disrepair
LABEL: Dark Winter
KEYWORDS: Darkambient

Celebrate Autumn, celebrate entropy with this dark ambient epic...
"Falling Into Disrepair" by C. Reider / Desohll
A free download from the Dark Winter netlabel.



"Den Hvite Guden" coming March-April 2010

guys, what do you think about this?

Black Metal

Hey did you guys know that yahoo.com is advertising on myspace as purveyors of all that is black metal???? Hahaha, just saw this ad as I was logging out, and thought you guys would get a kick out of it too.

Marduk tour: Y/N?

"The situation with MARDUK not having performed during the first half of Blackenedfest is due to one member of the band not having received his visa yet.

It is not a 'denied' visa. The band filed for a P-1 non-immigrant working visa, which is required for a band to play in the states. The visa was APPROVED by the United States Government's Homeland Security Office.

Furthermore, as required, the band members each individually went to their visa appointments at the U.S. embassy in Stockholm for the standard interview, at which point the persons handling the band's applications informed the band that there was no further action needed and that they should expect their passports in the mail with the P-1 visa attached.

Everyone in the band received theirs except Mortuus...

”There was no missing document, as earlier stated by Earsplit, but a legal document in Swedish that the US Embassy one day (!) prior to departure informed us that they needed to have ”professionally translated” into English in order to finalize the visa - even though we specifically asked them months earlier if it was ok that some documents were in Swedish; their response being: ”Yes, there is no problem, we have people here that speak Swedish”. Note that a translation from a certified agency (which is a mandatory) takes up to a week - and the Embassy is well aware of this. So, why they waited until the very last day to give us this information, or why the other member’s documents needed no translation, one can only imagine”

We are currently awaiting each day for the passport to be returned to Mortuus with the visa stamp. The embassy is aware of the urgency of this matter and we expect the band to join the tour in progress any day now.

MARDUK are prepared to make up the shows they missed immediately after Blackenedfest ends. These dates will be announced shortly.

Pretty lame news... I already missed them once ten years ago for similar reasons. Not to mention Glorior Belli have also dropped off the Absu tour, same reasons. Very disappointing.



Does anyone know of any BM blogs with downloads? Im specifically looking for OLD (ger) right now, among other things.

Also, seeing Enslaved w/ Opeth in about 10 days. WHOS STOKED? I am! Enslaved= dreams come true.


Krieg news

Krieg's 2002 demo cassette which was released on cassette by Battle Kommand Records will now see CD release with two bonus tracks, again through Battle Kommand Records. The two bonus tracks will be the Judas Iscariot cover "Babylon" which was recorded during this session and a cover of legendary punk/noise band Flipper's "Life is Cheap" to be recorded within the week.

"Songs.." was the first Krieg recording that showed the direction the band would take on "The Black House" and following recordings until 2005. Recorded in Forest of Impaled's rehearsal room in a warehouse in Chicago (also where the much hated "The Church" was recorded in 2000) and featured Akhenaten, Blake Judd (Nachtmystium), and Wargoat (Cult of Daath) this release was and remains and important part of Krieg's history.

Battle Kommand will release this in the summer.


Mayhem On A Cross

I never watch the show Bones, but I'm glad I came across this on the internet.
msn.tv's description: "Booth and Brennan look for a killer and a motive when it is discovered that a human skeleton is being used as a prop for a death metal band." (Actually, it's a black metal band from Norway.) Watch the first couple minutes at least, it's amusing.


And this final one is the FINAL STATEMENT!!!

I must warn all watching these that Kanwulf himself will hunt down and destroy you inferior wankers for viewing this. After all black metal is very very serious and Nagaroth are quite obviously the apex of all we know.


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